A change of plans

Harmony Stratotone

Over the years it has become quite well known that I draw instrument plans. Lutes, guitars and even the legendary Harmony Stratotones.

Many of these have found their way to the workbenches of fellow luthiers all over the world. I have posted them to the most obscure and interesting adresses you might imagine.

PanormoBut this comes to an end… 

Don’t worry, but I stop to do the handling and postage myself. From now on the printing and distribution is taken over by a third party, saving time and money.

The plans will get even better, as the quality of paper improves. Printed on 140 grams paper (instead of the normal 80 g), and you can choose between gloss or matte finish. They will also be shipped rolled up in a tube. So no ugly folds anymore.

You can even hang them as a poster in your living room!

So if you want to make your own Lute, Danelectro, Harmony or Panormo: look no further…

Visit my new and improved plan catalog here!

More plans are in preparation. So stay tuned for new stuff…

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