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Technological aptitude vs education.

This article was printed in the “Hobby Club“-magazine of May 1951, under redaction of Leonard de Vries. I kept the translation as close to the Dutch original as possible, so some sentences will probably appear somewhat strange to modernday readers. … Continue reading

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A country of managers…

Many times people asked me: “Well, you’re smart enough to do university, why do you work with your hands?” Mostly in a diminishing tone, combined with a sour face. It’s true, working with your hands doesn’t give you the best … Continue reading

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Nakashima woodworking

A beautiful way of working with wood. Every piece of wood indeed has its own character or ‘soul’. It is up to the woodworker to listen to the wood and reveal it. Some logs just don’t want to be a part … Continue reading

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An IKEA-Hack Router Table

How to make your own router table? Simply start with a router and add a table (sorry). I know there are many woodworkers who have an aversion to the Swedish furniture giant, housed in the large blue warehouse. They think … Continue reading

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Question everything…

Some of you will know that I come from a Christian background. I was raised in a protestant family and went to schools that looked at the world from a ‘biblical’ point of view. At first I wasn’t so much … Continue reading

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“TRADITION”, is a word we see on almost everything today. We eat ‘traditionally’ baked bread and drink beer and wine that was made ‘after an old tradition’. When we’re out of options for our health, we like to fall back … Continue reading

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Forging Samurai Swords

One of the crafts I would like to learn more about in the future is blacksmithing. It’s great to work with tools you’ve made yourself. Other than wood metals can be recycled over and over again. It’s perfectly possible that … Continue reading

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An English Guittar in Langbroek…

A couple of years ago I visited the Dutch Reformed Church in Langbroek. It was “Open Monuments Day”, an annual event where local monuments open their doors for visitors. It wasn’t the first time I saw the church, since it … Continue reading

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Modern Times

It’s february 1936 as Charlie Chaplin’s movie “Modern Times” goes to the theatres. In the movie Charlie plays his iconic character, the tramp, working at an assembly line in a factory. The conveyor belt and other machines dictate the pace … Continue reading

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Moving an old workbench…

Just a silly movie… One of the goals in the new workshop is to give a second life to used materials. To me it just makes no sense to throw away perfectly good materials and buy new ones. Especially when … Continue reading

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