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– Duckie –

Earlier this year I helped with a local WWII exhibition. In research of projects like that I always submerge myself in the matter, reading and getting to know as much as possible on the subject. But as you know, the history … Continue reading

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By Design…

The chapter about design in “Making Masonite Guitars”; To gain more insight in all aspects involving guitar design I made this schema. It is like a map for instrument makers. Showing how all factors are interrelated and influence each other. … Continue reading

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One of the reactions I often get when people hear the name of this blog: “Well, you must be wearing wooden shoes in your workshop then…” And they have a great laugh about it… Typical Dutch It’s probably one of … Continue reading

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It’s witchcraft I tell you…

Robert L. Barclay is a Canadian instrument conservator, restorer and researcher, who literally wrote the book on instrument conservation. While the printed version of the book isn’t very cheap, the full text is available for free on the site of … Continue reading

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The Harmony Stratotone

A few years ago I drew a set of plans for the Harmony Stratotone guitars. Because I couldn’t make up my mind which one of these iconic guitars to do first, it became one plan with all the information you … Continue reading

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Schieten of Schrijven?

Eerder dit jaar werd in Langbroek een bescheiden tentoonstelling georganiseerd, ter gelegenheid van zeventig jaar bevrijding. Een een samenwerking waarvoor verschillende lokale organisaties en verzamelaars van oorlogsmemorabilia de handen ineensloegen. Mijn vader en ik werden gevraagd mee te doen omdat … Continue reading

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To fight or to write?

Earlier this year I helped to set up an exhibition about the Second World War in my old hometown Langbroek. On occasion of the 70th anniversary of liberation. It was a co-operation of multiple local organisations and collectors of WWII … Continue reading

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How to Make an Electric Guitar

Along with the popularity of Rock & Roll the demand for electric guitars increased in the fifties. In 1959 the American magazine “Mechanix Illustrated” published this little article on how to make your own ‘Spanish’ or ‘Hawaiian’ guitar. The construction … Continue reading

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Girls playing lute and guitar… – pt. 2

As we saw in the previous post on the pictures of woman playing guitar, by Gerard van Honthorst, had a dubious reputation… A few months ago I was compiling a lecture for the local historical society. Whenever I give such … Continue reading

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DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man

One of my favorite artworks is the drawing of “The Vitruvian Man” by Leonardo DaVinci. Apart from being a great artpiece it’s also a handy tool while designing. As the proportions are very beautiful. In our time this drawing in one … Continue reading

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