The twisted sounds of the Tromba Marina

Some weeks ago I posted a blog about the tromba marina project. One of the freewheelin‘ projects I allow myself after completing a large project. The tromba marina was finished the same week, but I forgot to post pictures.

As you could read in the “Monday Fuckups” blog, I did make an unfortunate mistake by cutting the scroll on the wrong side of the head. But as with all mistakes; it doesn’t matter that you make them, but rather how you deal with them.

So to cover it up I decided to turn it into something creative…

The loud, annoying, harsh and vile sound of the Trumpet Marine somehow always remind me of the political speeches of the current American potus. As you probably know, I am a great admirer of him, and even invited him to come over and make a guitar together. A nice way to put those little hands to work. “No words but deeds” is a well known Dutch saying…

Strangely I never heard any reaction from him to that letter. I can imagine he is far too busy to answer a letter of a Dutch instrument maker. It’s a though job, especially when outside of golfing you also have to deal with making America Great Again (whatever that means).

But we can fairly say that he is succeeding in that mission. America is becoming one of the greatest mockeries of the world. Here in Europe we find that words start to fail to express our sadness, disgust and fears about the way this elephant is behaving in the china cupboard.

The creationists are right about one thing when they believe evolution doesn’t necessarily bring the most intelligent, sophisticated and civilized life forms… But on the positive side, it does give people a chance to read the works of Machiavelli, Rand, Hitler and Arendt again and see their practical application. Perhaps I should add Orwell to the list as well?


But all kidding aside. A lot of my friends asked me to make a little video with sound samples of the Trumpet Marina (or Trumpet Mar-A-Lago as some called it).

As for your reactions: you are (still) free to feel what you like and express those feelings in writing. But please act according to your age and intellectual powers. I always try to address people at their own level. Over the last weeks I have seen some of the most hilarious and childish reactions to some photos of this instrument. Trump followers/believers who acted like the little precious snowflakes they accuse others of being. Some very serious cases of butthurt. I suspect a “great man” like The Donald can stand a little scrutiny? Or have we suddenly all been transported to the United States of North Korea, and is it forbidden to joke about, or comment the Great Leader? 
You are not required to like or celebrate this blog or its writer. And I guess you have come here out of your own free will. So if you don’t like it; don’t read or watch my page. If you do like it and my work, be sure to subscribe and like this page on facebook. But if it offends you there is a little button in the upper right corner of your computer screen that will solve your problem. But please don’t make a fool of yourself, one in the white house is more than enough for now…
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