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Making Masonite GuitarsMaking Masonite Guitars

A book about the construction of these legendary guitars of the fifties and sixties.

Make great guitars with simple materials and tools.


More books in preparation.


“Antonio Stradivari, Guitar maker” in American Lutherie #122 (2015)

American LutherieJust a fiddle maker? Fugidaboutit! Our boy Tony Strad was a guitar maker, for sure. Author van Cappelle surveys the existing instruments and the many forms, tools, and patterns in museums to draw some conclusions about Stradivari’s methods and intentions. Then he builds a pair of replicas while we watch over his shoulder. He even makes authentic cases for them.
(Published with a plan of the smallest Stradivari guitar)

Clock here for a scanned PDF version of this article.

“An Early Maker Story From Holland” in Make Magazine (2013)

De Jongens van de Hobbyclub - Leonard de VriesThe story of “The boys of the Hobby Club by Leonard de Vries. A great book We think of the maker movement as a modern phenomena propelled by the internet, the growth of makerspaces, and increasingly affordable digital tools. But making, of course, is anything but new. Humans have always been makers.
The story of a novel by Leonard de Vries called “The Boys of the Hobby Club.” Written under Nazi occupation and published in 1947, it’s essentially the story of a group of boys creating a makerspace before such a word existed.