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What’s he building in there?

Love this song by Tom Waits… Happy halloween!

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Denis Diderot and the Encyclopédie

In 1745 the French writer Denis Diderot and his associate Jean d’Alembert, set out for a huge intellectual undertaking; trying to bring together all human knowledge and compiling it in one book. From the start the project was controversial. Diderot … Continue reading


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Making Masonite Guitars

Over the years many people told me: “You know so much about guitars, you should write a book about guitar making.” It always appealed to me, but also seemed an impossible task. Until a few years ago I sat down with … Continue reading

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The Bruegel Guitar (and Vihuela) – pt.2

As you could read in the first episode of this journey. I took the task of making a guitar after “The Fight between Carnival and Lent” by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1559) Let’s take a closer look at the guitar … Continue reading

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Hell respected man…

Last week I found this great TED-talk by Emilie Wapnick: It’s something I have had many experiences with in my relatively short life. There is just so much to explore and so little time. How do you find a profession … Continue reading

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Populism – The Wave and current events…

When I look around me, the world starts to frighten me more and more. I’m not becoming afraid of muslims or immigrants, but of fellow citizens. What gets to me is the ignorance, xenophobia, the fear of what’s different, and hatred … Continue reading

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The Bruegel Guitar (and Vihuela)

Whenever I see an old drawing, painting or sculpture, the gears in my head start to get in motion. Comparing it to others I already know, looking for similarities and cross-links. But at the same time a huge portion of … Continue reading

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Der Lautenmacher (and his tools)

In 1568 Jost Amman published his “Ständebuch”. The title is often translated as “Book of Trades”, but I think “Book of Classes” would better cover it. The first page of the book says it contains the following: 114 woodcuts, depicting … Continue reading

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Lecture: “Antonio Stradivari; GUITARMAKER..!

Next thursday (october 15th) I will give a lecture about the Stradivari project. Stradivari, his life, work, the myths, violins guitars, research and building process. Beside this there will also be some information about the English Guittar of Langbroek. Hope to … Continue reading

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Lutherie = Alchemy?

What I like most about musical instrument making is the fact that it’s probably the only trade left in which somebody can still become a true “Homo Universalis”. More than any other professions Luthiers are totally absorbed by their craft. … Continue reading

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