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Antonio Stradivari: GUITAR MAKER !!!

You’re probably familiar with the name ‘Stradivarius’ and his famous, highly prized and priced violins. Every once in a while we hear about a violin out of his shop that broke all records at an auction. Or – just as … Continue reading

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The Gutenberg Press

One craft that always fascinated me is printing. Maybe one of the remnants of my history-geek days, where I learned that it was one of mankinds’ most important inventions, the first media-revolution! Right beside the invention of fire, the wheel … Continue reading

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Of Vintage Tools and Old Guitars…

It’s no secret that I like old tools and vintage guitars. Yes, I do enjoy browsing the new Dictum, Fender and Stewmac catalogs, but mainly as an inspiration for new ideas and things to make. It’s hard to explain what … Continue reading

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Art in school…

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible. – Frank Zappa – “You have to do stuff that average people don’t understand because those are the only good things.” – Andy Warhol – At high school we learned art … Continue reading

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The Shorthand Saw

In the category of almost forgotten tools we present; The Shorthand Saw The history of the shorthand saw is shrouded in a mist of myths. We find the first description in a short note of the Roman writer Plumbius the Smaller. He … Continue reading

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Behold; The Chisel of Destiny…

Every craftsman can tell you about their most precious tool. That one piece that is more special than everything else in their shop. They wouldn’t lose or trade it for anything. Just the thought of it disturbs them. And when it … Continue reading

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Restoring old planes

Over the years I collected a variety of old tools. My original intention was to use them for decoration in and around the shop. As reminders of the past, nostalgic symbols of days gone by. But also as a sort … Continue reading

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A new workshop…

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been busy moving the workshop to a new location. The old shop was small (approximately 6m2), but very cosy and large enough to work alone. After a couple of years collecting and making … Continue reading

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“The Ox”

A truly beautiful portrait of  maker Eric Hollenbreck. I can relate to a lot of things he says; about the way our society throws away age old information, about the struggle to fit in and running away from monsters. “When … Continue reading

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An Early Maker Story From Holland

We think of the maker movement as a modern phenomena propelled by the internet, the growth of makerspaces, and increasingly affordable digital tools. But making, of course, is anything but new. Humans have always been makers. Jan van Cappelle’s career … Continue reading

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