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Stradivarius guitar plans

You probably know the name Stradivari as the most famous violin maker that ever lived. But it is lesser known that the great master also made guitars. Only five guitars survived to this day, in museums and private collections around … Continue reading

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Blueprint posters available!

Over the years people often bought my guitar plans to hang as a poster in their homes. But the large A0 prints are sometimes too big for the wall. People often asked me to bring out smaller poster versions of … Continue reading

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One year in business!!!

Yes!!! One year has passed since I registered with the Dutch chamber of commerce and JAVACA LUTHIER  / The Dutch Luthier became an official company. It has gone so fast that Facebook had to remind me. This is what I … Continue reading

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Carving along…

As you know I am always on the lookout for inspiration. This can literally be found anywhere: nature, books, movies, etc. But works by other craftsmen and -women often prove to be the best examples. Like this “Boerenwagen” (Farmers-wagon) encountered … Continue reading

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What is a Theorbo, Really?

I get a lot of questions about theorbos lately. They range from “is that a real instrument” to “what’s the best season to harvest sheep guts”, and all varieties in between. So I was relieved to find a short YouTube … Continue reading

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The Mechanical Joke Maker…

This is absolutely genius; The combination of visual humor and mechanics is beautiful. No real idea other than making people wonder and bringing a smile to their face… Sometimes it can be a powerful antidote to the sadness and cruelty … Continue reading

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Small Sellas update

I’ve been busy with a variety of projects, from making two theorbos and viking chests (more on that later) to designing a baroque lute, moving a museum and making plans for a rope walk… But first an update on the … Continue reading

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A change of plans

Over the years it has become quite well known that I draw instrument plans. Lutes, guitars and even the legendary Harmony Stratotones. Many of these have found their way to the workbenches of fellow luthiers all over the world. I … Continue reading

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The twisted sounds of the Tromba Marina

Some weeks ago I posted a blog about the tromba marina project. One of the freewheelin‘ projects I allow myself after completing a large project. The tromba marina was finished the same week, but I forgot to post pictures. As … Continue reading

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The Dollhouses of Death (that changed forensic science).

Ok, I already liked dollhouses and dioramas, but this is a whole other league… In the fourties Frances Glessner Lee built dollhouses replicating crime scenes. These instruments were used for training of forensic scientists and police. And now – 70 … Continue reading

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