Small Sellas update

I’ve been busy with a variety of projects, from making two theorbos and viking chests (more on that later) to designing a baroque lute, moving a museum and making plans for a rope walk…

But first an update on the theorbo for Jannemieke. The shell is finished up to a point that the paper linings can be glued in.

The neck extention is quite different compared to the Schelle instrument. Where the scroll om the schelle is rather narrow and long, the Sellas is schort but wide.

I do enjoy cutting these pegboxes, it’s a very elegant shape, almost like a violin scroll. A functional sculpture on the end of the neck. A combination of strength (it has to withstand the tension of 8 bass strings) and weight reduction. It’s literally a balancing act.

The long neck extension is made of a very light but stong piece of oak, while the pegbox is made of maple. On the frond of the extention is a piece of very nice quartersawn maple veneer, salvaged from Jannemieke’s first guitar.

Next update: shaping the neck and carving some vines…

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