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Educating the heart and mind

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Finding the Element: how finding your passion changes everything

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Pretstudies afschaffen? De wereld heeft alle soorten mensen nodig

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Another standard to measure by…

Adding another standard to my measurements… šŸ˜ƒ This is the most frustrating one to do. Sebastian Schelle probably used the “Neuremberger StadtfuƟ” which is 304 mm in lengt, broken up in 12 “Zoll” of 25,333333333333mm. So the foot is just … Continue reading

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The Theorbo Saga continues…

It has been a rather busy week here, no time for an update. The tops of both lutes have been thicknessed. Here we find the differences between baroque and renaissance lutes. In short: renaissance lutes are slightly thinner in the … Continue reading

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Brook Guitars

A documentary about Brook Guitars, a company founded by the legendary Andy Manson. One of the things I really like is that they choose to use local woods for their instruments. Also their notion about making guitars for a living … Continue reading

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Woodworking: a transformative moment

Today I found these two TED-Talks. I like to watch these short lectures, because people tell about simple things that changed their lives. The first one is by guitar maker Jim Fleeting; The feeling of epiphany when working on the … Continue reading

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Purfling between your ribs..

Between the ribs of both theorbos there is a small band of a contrasting color. Ā Walnut for the ash bowl of the Sellas, and vice versa on the Schelle. They are almost a photo negative of each other. The 1,5 … Continue reading

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