Making Masonite Guitars

Making Masonite Guitars

There are some things in life you’ve always dreamed about,
but never knew where to start.
For may of us making a guitar or bass is such a dream.

And for most it stays that way…

…Until now… Stop dreaming and start building!
This little book will help you to uncover and demystify the ‘secrets’ that surround instrument making. To help you realise that dream and show you that everybody can make a great guitar!

With their rather plain, light construction and use of cheap materials the original Danelectro made instruments go against the grain of what most lutherie schools tend to teach and make you believe. Over the years I have met a lot of makers who got stuck with the idea that you always need “superior” (read; expensive) materials to make a good instrument.

The humble masonite guitars and basses prove the opposite.
They put an instant smile on every players face!

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Making Masonite Guitars - Headstock Making Masonite Guitars Making Masonite Guitars - Design

In research for this book I have examined and measured several vintage Danelectro and Sivertone guitars and basses, and made a Convertible model.

    • Compact but complete: 26 pages
    • All you need to know to make your own guitar or bass from scratch
  • Everything written and drawn by hand

Make your own Masonite guitar
and astonish your friends and neighbours!

You can order the book directly from the publishers’ website.

Download a free PDF version of the Guitar Design Schema:

Guitar design schemaJAVACA – Guitar Design Schema

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