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Who makes who and who owns who?

A quite illuminating look into the world of guitar brands… Which companies own what brands? And what factories make their guitars?  

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Hanging your lutes to the wind (pt. 2)

I’ve had a lot of comments on my “hanging your lutes to the wind“-blog. Thanks to everybody for their reaction. Here is a short overview of some of them… Serious Most of the reactions were serious suggestions. Some thought the … Continue reading

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Hear the 1679 “Sabionari” guitar by Stradivari…

Diego Cantalupi plays “Giga da Arcangelo Corelli” on the 1679 “Sabionari” guitar by Antonio Stradivari. The Sabionari is the oldest guitar we know by Stradivari. Besides that it’s also the only one of the five surviving examples that’s playable. It’s great … Continue reading

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All roads to Rome and the way things work…

Yesterday someone told me that Making Masonite Guitars reminded him of The Way Things Work by David Macaulay. While I make no illusions, it was great to hear this.Macaulay’s works have been a great source of inspiration. It was the main reason to … Continue reading

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Hanging your lutes to the wind

A few years ago the conservator of the Antwerp Vleeshuis museum showed me this picture. It’s named “The Calvinist uproar restrained”, and was made by Frans Hogenberg between 1567 and 1570. This was the time of the 80-year war between … Continue reading

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Cycling in the Netherlands

Even though we didn’t invent the bicycle, it’s one of the things people immediately associate to the Netherlands. Shortly after a Dutch child learns to walk he or she learns to ride a bike (and their parents to run again). … Continue reading

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The Bruegel Guitar (and Vihuela) – pt. 3

Last week I looked in my ‘draft’ folder and saw that I had forgotten to publish the third part in the series of the Bruegel guitar and vihuela… When I was drawing the outline for the Bruegel guitar, there was … Continue reading

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Inside the royal bed chamber

What went on in Louis XVI’s bedroom? What was the protocol for royal snoring? Who was the one to wake him up? Why was a royal bed so expensive? Why did people invest ridiculous amounts to get a royal bed … Continue reading

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It’s all going to pot…

It’s election day in America. I think this song is quite fitting…      

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“The Beast”

It’s going rather well at the shop. Getting in a work flow I haven’t had in years. Nice projects and great things to come. One of the projects taken up again is “The Beast” a reconstruction of the largest Stradivari … Continue reading

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