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Trash talk

Just fount this little portrait of artist/musician/instrument maker Ken Butler. I posted another movie about his instruments earlier. His approach is just very inspiring…

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A week in the drawing room…

Work in the shop has come to a temporary halt. The reason is that our landlord has chosen to renovate the bathroom at home. So someone has to stay at home while they work. But this doesn’t mean I sit … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Dick Bruna, father of Miffy

Last week Dutch writer and illustrator Dick Bruna passed away at the age of 89. Most people will know his most famous creation; Miffy Bruna was born and lived his entire life in Utrecht. Along with Gerrit Rietveld he’s one … Continue reading

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Why left handed guitar players are a minority…

And now for something delightfully different… Frisian gentle giant and guitar maker Aiko Timmer asked himself this question. Why left handed guitar players are a minority. After some thorough investigation and deliberation he formed the following hypothesis… Seems plausible, doesn’t … Continue reading

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Sinful Earthworms and Wavering Hearts…

It’s almost time to cut the rose in the soundboard. Before the back of the rose is reinforced. I use some old, 18th century paper for this. It’s from two books I found at the local flea market… Please note … Continue reading

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Thicknessing plates

At school thicknessing the soundboard, sides and back of the guitar always was a lengthy process: After joining the outside was made flat and sanded (soundboards got there rose before sanding). We had to measure the plate with a large … Continue reading

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Little update

Quite busy these weeks, there is a lot going on in the shop. Often I forget to take pictures or write about it. Making progress on the lutes and restorations. The frame of the press has been finished and treated … Continue reading

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The history of machine tools

In connection with the previous movie about the history of handtools, now one a out the history of machine tools…

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The history of hand tools

,My apologies for the irregular pace of blog posting this week. These weeks have been quite weird and busy. A couple of lectures that needed preparation, working in the shop and catching up on research. Monday my wife’s grandmother died, … Continue reading

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Food for thought…

I have tried to write a blog about the first week of the new American president. But it just didn’t work, I simply couldn’t find the right words to express the combination of pity, disgust, anger, fear, sadness and disbelief … Continue reading

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