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An organ maker named Hinsz

A few weeks ago I found this book in a secondhand bookshop in Utrecht. My first attention was drawn to the name “Hinsz”, as one of the most prominent makers of the English Guittar was named “Hintz”. The instrument statue on … Continue reading

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The gospel of the free market…

Over the last twenty years we had a wave of privatisation going trough the Netherlands. Public institutions, like retirement homes, hospitals, mental healthcare, schools, universities, public transport, mail, water-, power-, telephone- and cable companies, were sold to, or transformed into, … Continue reading

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Building without nails

I’ve always loved Japanese craftwork.

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St. Nicolas

Originally posted on The Dutch Luthier:
“TRADITION”, is a word we see on almost everything today. We eat ‘traditionally’ baked bread and drink beer and wine that was made ‘after an old tradition’. When we’re out of options for our…

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Wooden Soul

A beautiful portrait of guitar maker Tobias Braun. A lot of things in lutherie aren’t quantifiable, but they are there. All these factors make up the ‘soul’ of an instrument. It is an art form in itself.

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From Bosch to Breugel

A short movie about some of my favourite artists: Bosch, Bruegel, Dürer, Van Leyden, Matsys, Broederlam… They give a couple of good points in the video. We do use these paintings and prints to interpret life in the past. But … Continue reading

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Dans nos obscurités

Sometimes the world is dark, full of war, hunger and hatred. It’s easy to become bitter. In the last couple of days this song came to mind, over and over again. It’s the first in the Taizé songbook. The title … Continue reading

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Guitar Makers – Kathryn Marie Dudley

In her book “Guitar Makers – The endurance of artisanal values in North America” anthropologist Kathryn Marie Dudley studies American luthiers. She gives portraits of guitar makers, individual artisans who make guitars by hand. Dudley sees the current renaissance of handcrafted … Continue reading

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Philosophy – pt. II

(continued from –> Philosophy – pt. I) In his book “Shop Class as Soulcraft” philosopher and motorcycle mechanic Matthew B. Crawford gives a good example: “If the goal is to earn a living, then, maybe it isn’t really true that … Continue reading

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Ken Parker

Over the years I have met countless instrument makers, professionals and amateurs, young and old, beginners and veterans. I’ve learned something from all of them; sometimes I wasn’t impressed and they showed me merely how not to work, some gave me … Continue reading

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