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New plans: Gosewyn Spyker – a guitar from 1760…

Today I will give a lecture for the Dutch Lute Society about the oldest surviving guitar from the Netherlands. Made in 1760 in Amsterdam by Gosewyn Spyker. This guitar was preserved in the collection of Duivenvoorde Castle, where it was … Continue reading

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The Trossingen Lyre – A new set of plans…

As you know a large part of my year has been occupied with research after the lyre of Trossingen and making a couple reconstructions. I often got asked to make a set of plans for people who want to make … Continue reading

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Digital Guitar and Lute Plans

You probably know my guitar and lute drawings. They’re quite (in)famous in the lutherie community. I’ve made them for a couple of years now, and literally hundreds of instruments have been constructed after them. Anything from Stradivari reconstructions to Danelectro … Continue reading

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FREE Vihuela plans!

Yes you read it correctly. As a summer surprise I’m giving away one of my plans for free… A year ago some of my students at the Bouwerskontakt lutherie course asked whether they could make some historical instruments. A baroque … Continue reading

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Stradivarius guitar plans

You probably know the name Stradivari as the most famous violin maker that ever lived. But it is lesser known that the great master also made guitars. Only five guitars survived to this day, in museums and private collections around … Continue reading

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Blueprint posters available!

Over the years people often bought my guitar plans to hang as a poster in their homes. But the large A0 prints are sometimes too big for the wall. People often asked me to bring out smaller poster versions of … Continue reading

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Free electric guitar plan…

A nice illustration from a Spanish edition of Popular Mechanics… Always looking for inspiration…

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A week in the drawing room…

Work in the shop has come to a temporary halt. The reason is that our landlord has chosen to renovate the bathroom at home. So someone has to stay at home while they work. But this doesn’t mean I sit … Continue reading

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