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The Secrets of the Violin

A nice documentary about the history of violin making and dealing… It sums up all myths and legends quite nicely.

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Spring cleaning… – Pt. 2 – just a short update.

The machines are in their place. I still need to make some adjustments but the general layout is there. At the front the table saw and thickness sander with the band saw behind them. To the wall (left to right) … Continue reading

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Drawing the Sellas Theorbo

By now you probably know that I never simply copy an instrument from a plan. Often the instruments have deformed over time or were never symmetrical to begin with. And there is always a margin of precision while making. The … Continue reading

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Building the Pharaoh’s Chariot

Inspiration can be found everywhere. In my opinion a luthier shouldn’t only look at his or here own field of knowledge, but broaden the scope. We’re essentially making air pumps, constructed of a tightened piece of material over a box. … Continue reading

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Spring cleaning…

The last months have been ridiculously busy. Reenactment events, koningsdag, building guitars, teaching courses and giving lectures. All beside the normal days at the shop. With so many things going on it was almost impossible to find time to write blogs. But … Continue reading

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The Theorbo – Making lute forms

A lage part of the construction process of a lute is making the mould or form on which it is made. There are multiple ways to construct these, all with their own pros and cons. Solid or skeleton We don’t … Continue reading

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Cigarboxes: a good way to start…

When you want to start making instruments, cigar box guitars are a great first project. Made with simple, recycled materials and lots of fun. And the best thing: there are no rules! So let your creativity roam free!  

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The plague doctor

Since long I wanted to do something with the plague. Yes, that sounded weird, I know. One of the most influential pandemics in the middle ages. The various outbreaks changed the course of history. Subsequently killing one fourth to half … Continue reading

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Schieten of Schrijven?

Originally posted on The Dutch Luthier:
Eerder dit jaar werd in Langbroek een bescheiden tentoonstelling georganiseerd, ter gelegenheid van zeventig jaar bevrijding. Een een samenwerking waarvoor verschillende lokale organisaties en verzamelaars van oorlogsmemorabilia de handen ineensloegen. Mijn vader en ik…

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To fight or to write?

Originally posted on The Dutch Luthier:
Earlier this year I helped to set up an exhibition about the Second World War in my old hometown Langbroek. On occasion of the 70th anniversary of liberation. It was a co-operation of multiple…

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