St. Nicolas

This Saturday I will attend the St Nicolaasmarkt in Doorn.

Everything around the historical saint Nicolas, from Byzantine songs and icons to the contemporary “Sinterklaas”.

Over the last couple of years there has been a discussion going on about the saints’ helper. A few months ago I posted this blog about it: “Tradition”

My thoughts about tradition and how we should/could keep it ALIVE, by helping it evolving through time…

The Dutch Luthier

“TRADITION”, is a word we see on almost everything today. We eat ‘traditionally’ baked bread and drink beer and wine that was made ‘after an old tradition’. When we’re out of options for our health, we like to fall back on ‘traditional medicine’. And we play violins in the traditional Cremonese violins. There are many folklore groups that try to preserve tradition. Or we might even defend traditional man/woman relationships, with the family as a cornerstone – or should we perhaps say headstone?- of society.

Over the last years there has been an ongoing discussion about tradition here in the Netherlands. While the subject of discussion is rather futile, (a typical Dutch December feast called St. Nicolas, where gifts are exchanged, just like Christmas in other parts of the world), both sides have dug themselves in and will probably not rest before “the others” give in.

One side likes to…

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