Of Vintage Tools and Old Guitars…


It’s no secret that I like old tools and vintage guitars. Yes, I do enjoy browsing the new Dictum, Fender and Stewmac catalogs, but mainly as an inspiration for new ideas and things to make.

It’s hard to explain what is so special about using old tools or vintage guitars. You just have to experience it for yourself. Old patina, the marks of use and wear. As little signs of life from people who came before.

There aren’t many things so closely personal to an artist as his or her tools. Guitars, chisels, brushes, amplifiers, books… Seeing the tools and the workshop in which they were used gives great insight in the work, as well as the person behind it.

It’s a great feeling to realise that the instrument you hold in your hands once belonged to someone else, who used it and took care of it. Most good quality tools will outlive you as they did earlier generations. Being aware of this changes your whole perspective. It gives you a sense of respect, both toward the instrument and its former owners. But also to the generations to come. When you take enough care of it, they will also be able to use and enjoy the same instrument.

Sustainability in its purest form…

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