A new workshop…

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been busy moving the workshop to a new location. The old shop was small (approximately 6m2), but very cosy and large enough to work alone. After a couple of years collecting and making instruments, tools and templates I literally grew out of it.

The old workshop.

The old workshop

For your convenience the new shop is located only ten metres north of the old one. The larger space (24m2) made it possible to create a machineshop in the front and an atelier in the back.

New workshop

To keep it spacious the deviding wall has a couple of french doors, recuperated from an old demolished house. The kitchen block (and honing area) was also made with three old kitchen cabinets, from different sources. Maybe not the most beautiful, but ecologically certainly the most friendly solution.


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4 Responses to A new workshop…

  1. darinmolnar says:

    Looks good to me – I can’t wait to visit. That is, unless you’re going to start teaching lutherie online. I’d pay for that. 🙂


  2. Erik says:

    Dag Jan, ik heb al met veel plezier je boekje over Danelectro gitaren gelezen en ben er mee aan de slag gegaan. Leuk man. Ik ga je blog volgen. Waar is overigens je shop/werkplaats?

    Groeten, Erik


    • Beste Erik,

      Het doet me goed dat te horen. In het najaar hoop ik ook cursussen naar aanleiding van het boekje te starten.

      Het atelier ligt in Doorn, op drie steenworpen afstand van m’n huis.




  3. Corrie says:

    Ziet er leuk uit Jan! Veel succes gewenst.


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