The Gutenberg Press

One craft that always fascinated me is printing. Maybe one of the remnants of my history-geek days, where I learned that it was one of mankinds’ most important inventions, the first media-revolution! Right beside the invention of fire, the wheel and  agriculture.

A few years ago my brother gave me an usb stick, along with the words; “something you will like…” It was this documentary by Stephen Fry. An inquiry into the history of printing, by reconstructing an early printing press. I’ve seen it over and over again, and it never fails to amaze me. One day I will make one of these contraptions myself!

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2 Responses to The Gutenberg Press

  1. darinmolnar says:

    We in the Maker Movement are, literally, taking things back into our own hands. Great video! Very motivating.


  2. André says:

    I remember reading a book called ‘The Coming of the Book’ when I was at university, some 30 years ago. Translated from French, if I remember correctly. It described in minute detail all the problems that Gutenberg had to solve in his mind (i.e. before building the press, casting the fonts etc.) in order to be able to print his bible. His intention was not merely to print books, but to print perfect books! I once had the opportunity to see an original Gutenberg bible – absolutely breathtaking. An unforgettable experience.


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