– Duckie –

Earlier this year I helped with a local WWII exhibition. In research of projects like that I always submerge myself in the matter, reading and getting to know as much as possible on the subject.

But as you know, the history of WWII gruesome. The horrors of the holocaust, human suffering and cruelty – and current events – almost lead you to make te conclusion that humanity is lost.

“Western Civilization finally went up in smoke in the chimneys of Dachau
but I was too infatuated to see it.
I see it now.”

‘The Professor’ in “The Sunset Limited”
by Cormac McCarthy

And it’s easy to leave it at that. But it doesn’t help or change anything. There are ways to try to change something, like fighting or getting into politics. But neither of them my style.

Instead I like to make things; write, compile, paint, sculpt. And in all works try to bring people together, to get people to THINK. Sometimes through (bad) jokes, articles, blogs. But also through my instruments and other artworks. There is always an element that asks you to stop, and (re-)think, see things in a different perspective, ask questions and get to know more.

To do something creative with all the things learned I got to my workshop, put some pieces of scrap wood on my lathe and made these little DUCKIES.


And wrote this statement to go along with them:

– D U C K I E –

Meet “Duckie”, a wooden friend made of reclaimed wood, finished with wax.
Duckies don’t discriminate, don’t quarrel, don’t gossip,
don’t judge and have no ties to any religion.

Their head is not fixed to their body,
so they can freely look and hear in any direction.
Duckies can easily loose their heads,
but that can be resolved with the help of a friend.

Duckies are entirely made by hand and no two are the same.
They can appear in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.
The body represents the egg out of which they are born.
Duckies like to get together and play.
They even can exchange their heads to see things from a different perspective.

As humans we can learn a great deal from little duckies…




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1 Response to – Duckie –

  1. Bil Andersen says:

    Thanks for this Post JAn. Nice sentiment.


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