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At the roots of the guitar; The Carolingian CYTHARA.

Perhaps you have already caught a glimpse of my research project of last year. It slipped in on some photos and social media postings. But I haven’t had the possibility to write too much about it earlier. The reason? Like … Continue reading

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The year of the Psalter

My focus of research has lately been drawn to instruments in early medieval psalters. With the main focus on the Utrecht and Stuttgart examples. So much that I themed this year the “Year of the Psalter” Both are masterpieces of … Continue reading

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To hang our Lyres up to the Willows…

“By the waters of Babylon,     there we sat down and wept,     when we remembered Zion. On the willows there     we hung up our lyres.” Psalm 137:1-2 (ESV) o you probably have heard these verses? They are fairly well known. The people … Continue reading

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