Upcoming events

Sometimes a #luthierlife is like a travelling circus. My agenda has been rather full, especially with (re-enactment-)events. I thought it would be nice to share some of them.

~ . ~

This upcoming weekend you can find me on Saturday 14th at the “Zotte Zaterdag” market in Gouda.

An event around one of the few Dutch renaissance men: Desiderius Erasmus.

Entrance free, open from 10-17 h.

~ . ~

Sunday 15th I’m at the “Open Dag Hout” in the Hanzehal in Zutphen.

A large event involving all kinds of woodworking.

I hope to bring the Schelle theorbo here…

Visit between 10 and 17 h.

~ . ~

October 22, you can find me at the “Vikingenspektakel“, Huis van Hilde in Castricum (11-17 h).

*At this event I will only bring the early medieval Lyres.


~ . ~

At the 4th of November the Dutch Guitar Builders Meeting; the largest annual guitar makers convention in the Netherlands.

This year it will be held in at the Essenburcht in Kootwijkerbroek.

I will be there with a stand and give a lecture about the Stradivari guitar and research.

~ . ~

November 11 and 12 the Minion Press will be demonstrated at the “Boekkunst Beurs” in the Pieterskerk in Leiden.

This is in collaboration with our friends of De Papieren Eenhoorn, who will give workshops in medieval bookbinding techniques.


~ . ~


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