A candle powered guitar effect…

Sometimes things are just so simple, genius and obvious that it’s hard to imagine why nobody thought of it before.

This candle powered phaser is one of them…

Made with a stirling motor driving an offset disc, that regulates the amount of candlelight that falls on the sensor. The speed is adjusted with a magnet. It runs for 5 hours on one tea light, so you will save some money on batteries. So much that in approx. 2000 years the effect will have paid for itself…

It clearly has a steampunk vibe, underlined with the glass bell and the clothes of the inventor. But I like it a lot better than most steampunk inventions. Because it really WORKS. Most steampunk themed objects you find are just props. Everyday objects, covered with a veneer of brass, leather, gears and typewriter letters.

But this project is beyond that. It shows ingenuity and insight in the technology.

ZVEX already made their mark with a line of great custom pedals and one of the smallest tube amplifiers ever created…

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2 Responses to A candle powered guitar effect…

  1. rawlingsrod says:

    Wow, love this idea. You know that some musicians, like Eric Johnson, can hear the difference in sound of batteries in stomp boxes–I wonder if they’d be able to hear the difference of say a tea light as was used here to power the Stirling engine or if say a Bic lighter was used. Hummmmmmm . . . .

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  2. I bet burning alder chips are more resonant.


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