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Tight Nuts or A Rusty Tool?

One of my many quirks is that I like bad linguistical humor. Misspellings that give a sentence a whole different meaning, ambiguity, taking things literally that should be interpreted metaphorical and vise versa… Sometimes you come across little jewels. Like … Continue reading

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Strange visitors at the shop…

Not a day goes by without a visitor in the shop; players, makers, family, friends, the local cats and dogs or an incidental Power Tools Witness spreading the word and reminding me that unplugged woodworkers will end in hell… But … Continue reading

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The Shorthand Saw

In the category of almost forgotten tools we present; The Shorthand Saw The history of the shorthand saw is shrouded in a mist of myths. We find the first description in a short note of the Roman writer Plumbius the Smaller. He … Continue reading

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