Baroque guitar

The 5-course baroque guitar became the successor of the 4-course renaissance guitar.


Some of the models available:

  • Christopho Chocko (Venice, ca. 1620)
  • Jacopo Checchucci (Livorno, 1628)
  • Voboam-style (own model based on the instruments of this Parisian dynasty, can be adjusted and customized)
  • Stradivari (Cremona, 1644-1737)

The baroque guitar was played in various sizes and tunings, the Stradivari examples range from 325 mm string length up to 770 mm (!).

The Stradivari Project

I’ve done extensive research after the guitars and guitar making methods of Antonio Stradivari. This led to the first reconstructions based in his surviving workshop materials (guitar forms and templates) ever. Stradivari’s guitars were extremely light of built and resonant. This reconstruction after form Ms 750 only weighs 500 grams…


The first outcomes of this research were published in American Lutherie #122 (summer 2015).


I’m also in for making a complete inlayed copy of one of Joachim Tielke’s over-decorated instruments. Something for the baroque guitarist who already has everything…

Please inquire for prices and options