Some busy days at the project we call life

making the trossingen

Working on two copies of the Trossingen Lyre

To my regret this blog isn’t updated as much as I would like. The reason? There are too many things to do and to few hours in a day…

Another factor was that I had no computer or tablet to work with. Reading and browsing work fine on an old Iphone 4, but writing blogs and answering e-mails is quite frustrating. Especially when you want to add pictures and other content. Today I got a small laptop (Acer Spin 1) to resolve that problem. So over the next weeks I will give some updates on the projects I’ve been working on over the last months.

Over the last months I have completed a second theorbo and started a third, worked on a lot of research projects and attended a whole bunch of living history events. So please stay tuned for the stories of these recent adventures…

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