Life as a Professional Time Traveller

Last week a friend called me a “Professional Time Traveller”. A joke, but I think in a sense he is right…

I tend to take leapfrogs trough history one day measuring an original guitar from 1760, the next adjusting a replica of an Ancient Egyptian lyre while the yew ribs of a renaissance theorbo are are glued together.

Today it was time to hollow out two Trossingen Lyre bodies, and tonight some more stitches will be added to my new lyre banner (made in the Bayeux technique).

The last months have been a frenzy of historical events, travels, work and research.

It’s a beautiful journey, across time and cultures, tools, techniques and instruments. Along the way I’ve met the most fantastic people. Musicians and magicians, craftspeople and fellow crazies, re-enactors restorers and researchers, teachers, students and writers, old and new friends I feel very privileged to know. Having the opportunity to bring people and ideas together. Learning and teaching along the way, a natural synthesis.

Lately journey has been so busy and intensive, there was no time to write records from the road. Life has been better than ever since my burn-out 7 years ago. I finally have the idea that I am alive again.

I feel very grateful for all of this. For all of you, who take this journey.

As we make up for the winter, I hope to find some time to give you an update of everything going on.









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