A home-made drawknife

Another addition to my historical toolboxes just has to be a drawknife.

A tool that has been around since Roman times, it survived the ages very well.

I am always looking for suitable stock materials to make edge tools. Old saw blades are ideal to recycle. Chisels, knives and other special purpose cutters. 

This old 10″ circular saw blade can be cut up into multiple tools. A drawknife is shaped like an upside down Salvador Dali moustache.

After a little bit of forging, cleaning up, shaping, sharpening, hardening, quelching and fitting a couple of yew handles it looks like this…

A small model, ideal for a portable toolchest…

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1 Response to A home-made drawknife

  1. amarlow says:

    Just beautiful. How did you make the initial cuts in the saw blade?


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