Building instruments live at the Batavia shipyard…

Last weekend my re-enactment season for 2018 started. Along with the bookbinder of “The Paper Unicorn” we’ve been asked to show our crafts at the Batavia Shipyard in Lelystad.

The first day we stood at the museum, but we moved to the other side of the road, to work next to a 1:10 scale model they are building of the “Zeven Provinciën”, the flagship of Michiel de Ruyter.

For those who missed it; you have a second chance next week… I will be there the whole weekend. The bookbinder only on sunday. For the rest you can follow lessons in sword fighting, shooting a musket and there is a group of historical musicians.

Painting the little lyra soundboard…

I hope to have the Lyra-cittern ready by then, so you can hear its first tones…


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2 Responses to Building instruments live at the Batavia shipyard…

  1. blauwesalon says:

    Cool! Can’t wait for its first sounds 🙂

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