Monday f*ckups

Well, there is a moment in a luthier’s life when you step back and realize;

Holy hell, I’ve cut the scroll of my Trumpet Marine on the wrong side of the head….

Yep, that happened to me today and I didn’t see it until one side of the scroll was finished. A real and major mistake, or fuckup as even most guitar makers in the Netherlands tend to call it (as you can see, we’re slowly incorporating the most kind and effective words of the English language into our own).

What to do next? Well, like with other mistakes (Brexit or Donald Trump) the easiest way is simply to look the other way and pretend that’s the way it is supposed to be… Or better; try to do something creative to it and in the end turn it into something good.

To be continued…

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1 Response to Monday f*ckups

  1. Jon Fletcher says:

    Can’t you just flip the gear to the other side? Perhaps I don’t have the whole picture. If the string opening is the same on both sides. If the sound board has the diamond in it , then make the best of a unique happenstance. I’ve made several guitars upside down. The body got flipped in the mold so the head block was glued facing the back. Didn’t notice until it was finished and the neck angle was screwy. Solution: removed and leveled the sides to accept new soundboard. Result, narrower playable instrument.


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