After completion of a large intensive project (like the Schelle theorbo), I need some time to recuperate. Cleaning up the shop and clearing my head…

For the latter I often make something outside of my normal range, to explore. Like the Minion Press, Viking Lyre and tools. One of my luthier friends uses to call these the “Desperate Projects”. Projects only for the sake of the project; cool but no chance to sell it.

Today I couldn’t help myself and started two projects…

This is the basis for a copy of the “Theorbencister”. A large brass-strung cittern/lute hybrid, shaped like a lyre.

Two originals are kept in the museums of Vienna and Bologna. It is thought that they were made as a playable stage prop for Monteverdi’s opera Orpheo.

The other project is the ultimate way to evacuate a concert hall…

A small (130 cm) Tromba Marina (also Trumpet Marine, Nonnengeige or Trumscheit) after medieval model. Later these instruments were made larger, up to 210 cm (!). A bowed instrument, with the sound of a natural trumpet…

It will primarily be used for demonstrations and the annoyance and aggravation of fellow re-enactors…

I based this model on illustrations by Hans Memling, although it is a simple, 1 string version. This way I can also use it as a monochord for lectures.

Both instruments will be made of left over scraps and parts.

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