Guitar makers –> Unite!

Only a few days to go to the largest guitar makers gathering in the Netherlands: the Guitar Builders Meeting…

It’s a (bi)annual event, started by some hobby builders from the Dutch Gitaarnet-forum. Ten years later it has become one of the largest guitar events in the  Netherlands.

The meeting is welcome to everyone interested in guitars and instrument making. Beginners and veterans, hobbyists and professionals, young, old rich and poor. Everybody is invited to show their work, have a drink, discuss and learn from one and other. 

There is also a market where you can find everything you need to make your own guitar: parts, tools, forms, plans, lacquer, books, glue wood, strings, pickups, etc. But also various guitar making courses that will present themselves.

Beside the gathering and market there are also little concerts and lectures by various guitar makers. This year I will deliver my lecture on the Stradivari guitar (15.00h), for those who have missed it at Cambridge…

The meeting will be held at the Essenburcht, in Kootwijkerbroek; 10-17h

I hope to meet you there!

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