The sound of an original 17th century guitar…

There is something magic in hearing an original baroque guitar or lute being played. Especially because most of them aren’t playable anymore, but resting in collections.

Last week this short video was placed online…

Taro Takeuchi is one of the most remarkable players I know. He combines his musical virtuosity with an enormous amount of historical knowledge. But his playing style feels very natural, never dogmatic (as some players tend to get). I’ve had te privilege to meet mr. Takeuchi earlier this year, and even hear him play my Strad reconstruction and hear his comments.

The guitar is attributed to Matteo Sellas and will come to auction on the 23rd. For details see the site of Bromptons Auctions.

There are also a couple of other interesting instruments going on sale that day. Like this slope shouldered guitar by J.G. Stauffer

Or this wonderful Spanish romantic guitar by Juan Perfumo (thought to be the teacher of Antonio de Torres).

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  1. Berniesr says:

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    A sound form the past


  2. Now play smoke on the water!


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