The Poor Man’s Shop Stand (PMSS)

Work on the theorbos progresses; the first ribs are in place…

Between the ribs is a little fillet. Ash on the walnut instrument (the large Schelle) and walnut on the ash instrument (the Sellas).

For some time I wanted to change something in my lute making routine. Instead of placing the form on a workbench it would be more comfortable to keep it on some kind of pedestal. This allows to get closer to the instrument while working.

The Poor Mans ShopStand™

At my former job we had a couple of Stewmac Erlewine© ShopStands™. Great tools, but a bit expensive for a starting shop. Especially when you’ve got to ship them to Europe and pay customs taxes…

Beside that I didn’t need all of the features (one height is fine and no need for swiveling) and wanted to keep it moveable. So when I got permission to cut up an old trailer, one of the first ideas was to make a ShopStand™.

The main axle was cut in halved an welded to one of the wheel rims. Because I can’t do this myself, the neighboring sculptor (a retired welding teacher) was asked for help. He also provided me with the top of the stand, a 1cm thick piece of steel. To keep it stable, the rim was filled with concrete.

A hole was drilled in the top to attach my wooden pattern makers vise (also made with parts of the old trailer).

So here it is; the Poor Man’s ShopStand or “PMSS™“. A bit crude, but it works fine…

As with all my home-brew tools it has been “Approved by Jan™”…


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