A viking invasion..!

“The Vikings for Dorestad” – old educational poster by J.H. Isings (ca.1920)

In the early middle ages, Dorestad was one of the most important trading posts in Europe. And most Dutch people will know from the history lessons in school that it was attacked by the Vikings multiple times.

Last weekend the Vikings were back in Dorestad. Not to plunder and pilfer this time.  But to interact peacefully with the towns inhabitants. Telling stories, share food, exchanging information and discuss history.

Also quite curious was that most these vikings originated in the south, rather than the north. The Viking Genootschap from Flanders.

Beside the re-enactors there also were some other experts in the field. Like collector Thomas Kamphuis, of travellingnorth.nl, who did a “Viking Antiques Roadshow” with some beautiful bronze fibulae. And archaeologist Luit van der Tuuk, who literally wrote some of the books on early medieval history.

For the first time in fifteen years I attended one of the museum’s reenactment events. With some lastminute improvisations a costume was constructed and I was good to go…

The main reason was the lyre constructed earlier. Over the last weeks I made a couple of other examples, experimenting with different materials and construction methods. Working towards a faithful reconstruction for the new museum.

Museum Dorestad will close its doors in october. They will move to the old town hall, in the center of the village. A new location, with different possibilities. So take your chance in the next months to visit the museum at least one last time. For more information see www.museumdorestad.nl (dutch only)


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  1. Albert says:

    Top artikel. Dank voor je leuke reportage!


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