Theorbo fever

After the overhaul of the machine shop and completion of the student lute it is time to go on with the theorbos. The form for the Schelle has been completed, and the Sellas is next.

This starts with making two rulers in the “Braccio da Sellas”, the unit of measurement used by the Sellas workshop. I re-engineered this one after the dimensions of several instrumers by Matteo and his brother Domenico Sellas.

1 Braccio = 2 Pide

1 Pide = 12 Oncia

1 Oncia = 12 Punto

So one Pide is 12×12=144 Punto.  Dividing by twelve seems to be odd, especially from our metric point of view. But it makes sense once you start working with it. It is very easy to pick out both quarters and thirds of the whole unit. Especially the latter are difficult in our decimal system.

Once the rulers are ready (I made two because the full Braccio is quite a handfull to handle) the basic template can be made. This one serves as a router template for the base plate, as well as a pattern for laying out the soundboard.

Here it lies upon the Schelle template for size comparison. Next to the Schelle it seems to be a rather small instrument. It almost feels like working on a normal scale Alto lute. Quite a strange experience, because it still is a large body.

The base plate cut to shape and resting on the bench. Time for the segments…

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