Stealing some ideas…

As you probably know; the good ideas are thought up by yourself, but the best ideas are stolen from others and slightly adjusted… This concept is called “inspiration”.

A table

This week I am trying to finish the Minion Press. It’s almost ready to roll, but still some things left to complete or assemble.

One of the things I still needed was a work table to hold the paper while working. It’s described by Diderot and can also be seen in various depictions of presses. Sometimes attached to the press, but also freestanding. But – like the whole thing – it needs to be portable. A trestle table would be an obvious choice, easy to transport and adjustable. But I never liked using trestles, they’re quite unstable, leave little room to put your feet under the table and I have a tendency to kick the legs. Beside that, are the trestles I have at home far too low to work with. So I would have to make larger examples myself.

The tabletop was no problem, I still had an old pine tongue-and-groove panel, we used as a trestle table at our flea market some years ago. Some transverse clamps, a coat of brown beeswax and it was good to go. But what to use for legs?

I found the answer last sunday at a WWI reenactment event in our village. The English group was using some wooden folding tables.

A rather simple, ingenious design. No unnecessary or loose parts, light and easy to make. So this was incorporated in my own table.

Another problem to solve was the display of information and/or printed materials. But an answer came from one of pur reenactment friends. Last weekend leather worker Henk of Leather and thread made a small working table for his wife to display her embroidery. He made this after an example in the “Nuremberger Hausbucher”.

Coincidentally  these pages from the Hausbucher both depict a rosary maker; the craft Sandra practices…

So with two pieces of broomstick and a transverse bar it is in place. The rods fit into a couple of tapered holes made in the table. In this picture I used the wrong rope to hold the pictures. Thicker rope allows me to use the old style ones without a metal spring.

The whole table folds into a flat package that can be put in the frame of the press for travelling. But I think it will also get some use in other projects…

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