Cigarboxes: a good way to start…

When you want to start making instruments, cigar box guitars are a great first project. Made with simple, recycled materials and lots of fun. And the best thing: there are no rules! So let your creativity roam free!


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1 Response to Cigarboxes: a good way to start…

  1. Dino Silone says:

    It IS a great way to start. My first three instrument builds were CBGs, each one a little more challenging than the last – first the obligatory 3-string fretless, then a 6-string/3-course Greek baglamas with frets, then a 4-string with a “real” headstock and scarf joint, and more attention to getting a better “unplugged” sound. It’s a very low-anxiety way to get into building (the materials can be dirt-cheap), and a good way to learn at least some of the skills you need when you start building “real” instruments.


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