To fight or to write?

Today the Netherlands celebrate 72 years of freedom since WWII.
Two years ago I held this lecture and speech at our local community center. But it’s still as viable as ever.

After great demand we give this lecture again, tonight at the same community center.

The Dutch Luthier

Earlier this year I helped to set up an exhibition about the Second World War in my old hometown Langbroek. On occasion of the 70th anniversary of liberation. It was a co-operation of multiple local organisations and collectors of WWII memorabilia. My father and I were asked to help because we know a little about the local history.

Langbroek Dorpshuis

While compiling the exhibition it soon became apparent that there was more than we thought. The collectors brought their best pieces and a lot of local anecdotes and stories came forth. But when we started to compile it together it was more like a warehouse of militaria and memorabilia than an exhibition.

My father working on one of the exhibits My father working on one of the exhibits

We spend a couple of days to re-arrange the objects, make frames and write captions, and put the stories in chronological order; to tell the story of WWII in Langbroek. But…

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