Recording ’50s Style…

I find it hard to describe how cool this project is. A documentary about a recording studio where they only use fifties and sixties equipment. Modelled after the famous Sun studios.

A world of ribbon microphones, band-recorders, and tube compressors. This is a real walhalla for those interested in vintage gear and sounds. I think it can be both educational and inspirational.

I am quite fond of apparatuses and tools made in this era. It’s all very well designed and engineered. Made to last for decades and to be serviceable when it breaks down. Often, fifty to sixty years later, it still works fine. Try that with a television from the nineties or more recent… Most contemporary electronics and consumer goods are made to be thrown away and replaced within three to five years.

And they often have their own character. A photographer I know swears by his old fifties Voigtlander and Zeiss lenses. They are a part of his personal very distinctive style, and he uses them like different brushes. The same with cameras, amplifiers and other audio.

I think this documentary can be a great inspiration and starting point for musicians and sound engineers.


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