New guitar plans: Panormo – 1825

As you all know; drawing guitar plans is one of my hobbies. It’s like a complicated puzzle, measuring an instrument, trying to reconstruct the original design and translating it into a workable set of plans.

My last addition to the lutherie library is this set to make a Panormo from 1825.

This guitar was lent to me by its former owner. An early example of the works of the Panormo family, made in their first workshop at 26 Highstreet, Bloomsbury.


(Click to enlarge)

Most people will know these guitars because of their early form of fan bracing, almost 50 years before Torres. But unlike the famous ‘Spanish style’ guitars, this one has a ‘French style” ladder bracing. Because I like to be thorough, the plans have instructions for both styles of bracing, so you can choose for yourself. Or even better, make two guitars with a different barring and compare them…

(Click to enlarge)

The guitar also still has its original case. A simple, but very effective (it has protected the instrument for almost 200 years) ‘coffin case’. Because there are no plans for this type of case, I have also drawn a set to go along with the guitar.

The plans are for sale at the “Plans”-page

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