Back in the saddle again…

Usually it takes me a while to start up. In the morning the zombie rises and after some coffee the human slowly wakes up…

Same thing after taking a break from the shop. It takes some time to get back the rythm. After the break I had to take for the renovation of our bathroom, it was quite difficult to find my natural workflow again. Two weeks of mainly measuring and drawing, and improvising around the house. After some time the numbers, shapes and compass poiints start to flow around my head and even haunt my dreams…

One of the best ways is to do something different first. Work on some of my crazy side projects, like the Minion Press, wooden bandsaw or a prototype of some sort. So beside some duckies for a friend, I made these parts for the press.

The handle for the lever, a double winch to transport the cradle and the cradle itself…

But this is just the side project, so back to the bench and making some lutes… Above you see the bowl for a student lute being cleaned up. And the huge form for the Schelle theorbo is taking shape. So to be continued…


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