R.I.P. Dick Bruna, father of Miffy

Last week Dutch writer and illustrator Dick Bruna passed away at the age of 89. Most people will know his most famous creation; Miffy

Miffy and MondrianBruna was born and lived his entire life in Utrecht. Along with Gerrit Rietveld he’s one of the most prolific and famous sons of this city. All Dutch children grow up with his books and drawings. The simplicity disguises the underlying sophistication. Like his favorite artists, Matisse, Leger, Mondrian and Rietveld he brought things back to their essence.

Bruna’s work has always been an inspiration to me, especially when I started writing myself. Last year his workshop was recreated in the attic of the Utrecht Central Museum, right across the Dick Bruna House, where his world is recreated in real-time.

And because it’s always inspiring to see artists at work…

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