Why left handed guitar players are a minority…

And now for something delightfully different…

Frisian gentle giant and guitar maker Aiko Timmer asked himself this question. Why left handed guitar players are a minority. After some thorough investigation and deliberation he formed the following hypothesis…

Seems plausible, doesn’t it? I’ve contacted the new American education minister to get it incorperated in the new curriculum. She was very knowledgeable, saying it will just fit between the prayer hour, creationism and anti vax lessions…

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1 Response to Why left handed guitar players are a minority…

  1. Jerry Viel says:

    Looks like also the banisters in those old towers were on the side next to the wall. So left handed knights could hold the banister going up but nothing to hold on to going down. So may of them fell to their death trying to carry the damsel back down the tower because they had no banister to hang on to – that is my observation/opinion.

    BTW I really enjoy your blog and posts.

    Jerry Viel Canada

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