Making a wooden printing press – pt. 2

You know this project is just for fun. Trying to learn more about historical printing by chasing my own fascinations. And the best way to learn is to put theory into practice. Literally getting hands-on experience.

Minion press name

A project like this deserves its own name and after some deliberation we settled on this…

Carving letters

Minion TypefaceIt has a double meaning, “Minion” is the name of a typeface.

But I also like the Minions from “My Dispicable Me”.  Those small yellow helpers of the most evil villain in the world. The shop is crawling with them, so I think the present American president isn’t the most evil man in the world after all…

But with this fact I simply had to put one on the name batten of the press…

He is carrying a feather and ink beater. Two symbols for writing and the printers craft. It still needs some cleaning up and color, but the general idea is there. I know it’s an anachronism, but sometimes you need a little wink…

Printing minion

Last week we have seen how fragile the freedom of press can be. And how easy it can be suppressed by the propaganda of a dictatorial regime…


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