Music of the streets

Sometimes it’s just nice to sit back and enjoy some great music. Some people asked to share the music I like most. To be honest that’s very hard, because I love a great variety of styles, from rock to baroque and romantic guitar to reggae… Every now and then I will share some of my favorites and guilty pleasures.

In the last year of lutherie school the cd “Frottole” by Marco Beasley and Accordone came out. I found it in the village library. In our dormitory we played it over and over again. When I brought it back, one of my classmates lend it, and so it went on over and over again. Together with songs by Sting and Edin Karmazov, The Buena Vista Social Club, Triggerfinger, The Seat Sniffers and Elvis it’s the soundtrack of that last year. A bunch of crazy guitar making students, woods, instruments, hard work and lots of fun…

A few years I found this fantastic concert by Marco Beasley, Pino de Vittorio and Accordone. It’s music from the streets of Napoli, played on baroque guitar, chitarra battente, harpsichord, lute and various percussion. It’s very energetic and gives a nice impression of what the local music in the 17th century could have been…

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