Colorful notes

img_5997Sometimes I just can’t help doing something weird or crazy. It helps to make the rather dull world in which we live a little more beautiful and bearable.

So when I found these sets of colored strings at a bargain, I just had to try them… There is one guitar in my shop that serves as a kick-around-the-shop instrument. A cheap Fender starter kit guitar that was left over and left behind. It serves two purposes: to have always a playable instrument at hand, and as a guest book for people who visit the shop… Names of customers, acquaintances, family and friends. I got this idea from Willie Nelson’s “Trigger” guitar.

It still had the factory strings on it, as I rarely break them, so it would make a nice guinea pig…

Colorful stringsThe other set goes on a guitar I repaired for some friends. It was given to me by someone from our church, whose brother died recently. Asking me to repair it and giving it a good home.

This will become a general use guitar, played around the house and at church gatherings. The new owners don’t know they are getting these colored strings. But knowing them for years, I recon they will love it…

Adding a little color, music and joy to a world that seems to be getting darker day by day…


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