Hear the 1679 “Sabionari” guitar by Stradivari…

Diego Cantalupi plays “Giga da Arcangelo Corelli” on the 1679 “Sabionari” guitar by Antonio Stradivari.

The Sabionari is the oldest guitar we know by Stradivari. Besides that it’s also the only one of the five surviving examples that’s playable. It’s great to hear this old lady sing again, especially in this wonderful recording.


Days before the concert mr Cantalupi contacted me on facebook, inquiring after the American Lutherie article about the Stradivari guitars and building methods.

The Article

In august 2015 I wrote a blog about the article, a short exerpt, a little outline of the whole research project and my conclusions. But not very detailed. I think the time has come to share the complete article with you.


Click here to download a free pdf of  “Antonio Stradivari; Guitarmaker..!” (first published in American Lutherie #122, summer 2015)

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1 Response to Hear the 1679 “Sabionari” guitar by Stradivari…

  1. diego cantalupi says:

    Thanks Jan!


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