Little Free Library and Outdoor Cinema

img_5353This weekthe Netherlands celebrate the “National Children’s Books Week”. A special week to get reading and children’s books in the spotlight.

With our Little Free Library we wanted to use this occasion to start participating in the “KinderZwerfboek” (English translation: ChildWanderbook) project of our national fund for child welfare. The project is an attempt to promote reading, especially for families with a low income. Children can borrow books from te library for free and – using a code – leave them somewhere for other children to enjoy. It’s a combination of Little Free Libraries and Bookcrossing

To accommodate this we changed the design of our library a bit. Two shelves got added, and one side of the library got destined entirely for children’s books, while the other side houses the books for adults. In total we’ve got 6 metres of bookshelf now, about 7 times more than te average little free library.

Outdoor Cinema


To celebrate this we organized a little event. The first outdoor cinema in our neighborhood. An almost prehistoric video projector, 2nd hand dvd player, guitar amplifier and a screen made from old mailbags were the basis. At 7.30 pm we started the watching “The Skippers of the Chameleon“.

It was a great succes, with about 30 people attending it exceeded all our expectations. Another example of how you can get much results with simple means. In the spring we hope to continue this outdoor cinema.


These last pictures were taken by Theo Scholten of Driejuni Text and Photography
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